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Fresh Fried Oysters

Freshly shucked east coast oysters tossed and breaded in our award-winning seasoning, served with lemon and tartar sauce

Maryland Crab Cakes

Crafted from a treasured family recipe, enjoy two of our homemade crab cakes are a culinary favorite, featuring fresh Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab meat, seasoned to perfection and cooked to golden-brown crust that whispers tales of the Atlantic’s bounty.

Colonial Burger

House seasoned beef patty with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, on a brioche bun

Maryland Crab

Authentic cheesecake bay crab soup made with old bay, vegetables, and Maryland blue crab meat

The Cowboy

House seasoned smash beef patty: hand breaded deep fried onion straws, bacon, American cheese. Topped with our signature barbecue sauce, on a brioche bun

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

Fresh sliced round of beef smothered in gravy

Baked Crab Dip

Our own in-house crab dip recipe served with toasted baguettes

Crab Fries

Our signature crab dip loaded over our homemade fresh cut fries and baked with cheddar cheese

Fried Oysters

Freshly shucked east coast oysters, deep fried to a golden crisp with house blended award-winning breading and served with lemon and tartar sauce

Dave's Famous Wings

Skipper Dave’s famous golden-brown fried chicken wings: crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Be sure to top the wings with any of our house signature sauces. Irresistible flavor in every bite!

Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich

Our own special homemade crab cake recipe, deep fried or broiled, on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, and a side of tartar sauce

Skipper's Crab Pretzel

A soft, golden-brown soft pretzel topped with Skipper Dave's secret Maryland blue crab dip blend, shredded cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. Baked to perfection. As you take that first bite, the flavors dance; a salty sea breeze meets the comforting warmth of freshly baked dough. More than just a snack, it’s a coastal escape for your taste buds!

Crab Delights: Seafood and American Favorites

Crab Delights: Seafood and American Favorites
Indulge in succulent crab dishes at our American restaurant. Try our crab cakes, crab legs, or creamy crab dip. Savor the fresh flavors of crab in every bite. From appetizers to main courses, our crab dishes are a must-try for seafood lovers. Visit us for a crab feast today!

Crab Feast: Delivery and Pickup Options

Crab Feast: Delivery and Pickup Options
Indulge in a crab feast at home with our delivery and pickup options. Enjoy succulent crab legs, crab cakes, and creamy crab dip without leaving your doorstep. Order online for a hassle-free experience, or swing by for a quick pickup. Savor the flavors of the sea with ease.

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